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I have data class which contains some primitive data fields in Java side and it is passed to the Cpp side. I am able to get values by calling its getXXX() methods in Cpp side but I cannot set value by calling its setXXX() methods from Cpp side. This no compile error but just values was not being changed.

please note, I am using c++. Following is the call to setXXX() method in Java side:

jmethodID methodSetF10lpcm = env->GetMethodID( mtfOutputClass, "setF10lpcm", "(F)V");
 env->CallVoidMethod(mtfOutputClass, methodSetF10lpcm, 25.5f);

Is there any trick I don't know for the setXXX() method call? Or do I have to use SetXXXField to change variable values in Java side?


I found what's wrong. It is a programmer error. The first parameter should NOT be the jclass, should be the jobject. The bad thing is there is NO exception to tell you about this. It may be valid for static method. That is my guess.

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Any runtime error? Do you have any JNI exception checking anywhere? Is the setter being called? Not enough information here. –  EJP Apr 30 '13 at 23:37
No compile error doesn't mean the method has been found. So can you confirm whether the setxxx is called by adding some logs? –  StarPinkER May 1 '13 at 1:57
I just verified, the setXXX() was not called. I need to find why. –  5YrsLaterDBA May 1 '13 at 12:58

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