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I have a dataset where one row somtimes corresponds to two or more data points, as indicated by a comma seperation in one column. For example:

identifier         pos  name
ENSG00000208234    1    foo   
ENSG00000199674    5,8  bar    
ENSG00000221622    4    foobar

I want to expand this the following way

identifier         pos  name
ENSG00000208234    1    foo   
ENSG00000199674    5    bar
ENSG00000199674    8    bar    
ENSG00000221622    4    foobar 

Is there a way that does not involve iterating through each row and creating a new data.frame?


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1 Answer

Assuming X is your data.frame:

DT <- data.table(X)

DT2 <- DT[, c(.SD, list(posv=strsplit(pos, ",")))]
DT2[, list(pos=unlist(posv)), by=list(identifier, name)]

note that if pos is factor you would first want to convert it to character:
DT[, pos := as.character(pos)]

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