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I have two ways of saving data (into a rest API), it works Ok in both ways but I was wondering which one is the way to go.

1st way:

// here serializeObject just converts form inputs into a serialized object
var inputs_data = this.ui.form.serializeObject();
// here in 3rd param from extend is the same as this.model.unset('logged');
var data = _.extend(this.model.toJSON(), inputs_data ,{logged: undefined});
// here I save and the data goes Ok!;

2nd way:

// here i serialize the object the same as above
var inputs_data = this.ui.form.serializeObject();
// here i exclude 3rd parameter 
var data = _.extend(this.model.toJSON(), inputs_data);
// set data with model.set instead of
// remove unwanted attributes
// finnaly just save;

So far I am using the 1st way, so I do not know if the app goes bigger it will bring any problems because of this.

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I would go this way. You don't have to pass all attributes to model's save method, only the attributes that need to be changed (

var inputs_data = this.ui.form.serializeObject();
// remove unwanted attributes
delete inputs_data.logged;
// finally just save;
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By watching the two ways I also got the conlusion that in the 2nd one it would seem to work fine when updating model data and at the same time saving it, let's say like a live edit mode(sync). – Uuid May 1 '13 at 16:35
Use set if you need to change model's attributes without syncing it. Then later you can call save without parameters to sync it to the server. – Andrey Kuzmin May 1 '13 at 17:24

If I were you I would use either Backbone.StickIt to synchronise an existing model with the form or use Backbone.Syphon to do something similar to what you are doing above.

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+1 for Backbone.Syphon – Abhishek Rakshit Jan 24 '14 at 4:55

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