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I have a gridVIew which has a datasource of a table in Access database.

I want to add search functionality on this gridview. I added a textBox and search button. My Code is

protected void btnSearchService_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)
    string SearchField = TextBox1.Text;
    string searchSQL = "SELECT * FROM LocalService WHERE ServiceName LIKE '%" + SearchField + "%'";

    SqlDataSource1.UpdateCommand = searchSQL;

But in browser when I click Search button, I see nothing happens. DO I have to add code on page load or somewhere?

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Make sure you are binding the gridview after having filtered datasource. – Sachin Apr 30 '13 at 23:22
Sure looks like you are binding this to the update command. Not so much an update. Updates change records. Do the select bind the results to the data of the datasource. – Hogan Apr 30 '13 at 23:24
Cool! I will check that. Let me try – MI.Sarwar Apr 30 '13 at 23:31
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It worked. I have replaced following lines

SqlDataSource1.UpdateCommand = searchSQL;

with these lines

SqlDataSource1.SelectCommand = searchSQL;
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