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I would like to ask for help. Please for help me with my code in Python 2.7. I want plotting concentration of gas release. Two weeks ago I started with Python, I did not see it before, I have basic knowledge with Pascal, but it is different language.

I do not know why does not work...

This picture showing how it must look like: flickr.com/photos/95370861@N02/8696658905/in/photostream/lightbox/

My code:

from __future__ import division
from matplotlib.patches import Polygon, Rectangle
import math
import numpy as np
import matplotlib.pyplot as plt

def draw(x, y,ax, color, lw=1):

    xr, yr = np.copy(x)[::-1], np.copy(y)[::-1]    
    for i in range(len(y)):
        y[i] = -y[i]
    verts = zip(x.tolist() + xr.tolist(), y.tolist() + yr.tolist())    
    poly = Polygon(verts, facecolor=color, edgecolor='k', lw=lw)

def concentration_chart_plume(x,y, ax, ticks, colors, title):      

    maxX = 0
    for tick, color in zip(ticks[::-1], colors):
        x, y = calculation(tick)
        draw(np.array(x), np.array(y), ax, color)
        maxX = max([maxX] + x) 

    ''' plot parameters '''
    plt.xlim(0, maxX)
    sqrs = [Rectangle((0, 0), 1, 1, fc=clr) for clr in colors[::-1]]
    desc = ["> %g" % tick for tick in ticks]
    plt.legend(sqrs, desc, title="Concentration $kg/m^3$")

def calculation(tick,m):    
    cx = FILE_1
    sy = FILE_2       
    x  = FILE_3
    y  = [sy * np.sqrt(2 * np.log(cx / (tick)))]    #I do not know, how can be limited to non-zero values       
    return (x, y)

if __name__ == "__main__":    
    ''' Concentration plot of continuous gas release '''
    title = u"conturs"
    colors = ["#9EFF00", "#FFF500", "#FF9900", "#FF2E00"]    
    ticks = [0.1, 1e-2, 1e-3, 1e-4]  # value of concentration kg/m3, I want to show up
    fig = plt.figure()
    ax = fig.gca()    

FILE_1 values:

[  2.21000000e+00   2.19000000e+00   2.16000000e+00   2.12000000e+00
   2.08000000e+00   1.90000000e+00   1.71000000e+00   1.18000000e+00
   7.93000000e-01   3.55000000e-01   1.93000000e-01   7.02500000e-02
   3.70800000e-02   1.37100000e-02   7.42100000e-03   4.77800000e-03
   3.39200000e-03   2.56200000e-03   2.02100000e-03   1.64600000e-03
   1.37300000e-03   1.16800000e-03   1.00900000e-03   8.82300000e-04
   7.80300000e-04   6.96400000e-04   6.26500000e-04   5.67500000e-04
   5.17200000e-04   4.73800000e-04   4.36200000e-04   4.03200000e-04
   3.74200000e-04   3.48500000e-04   3.25600000e-04   3.05100000e-04
   2.86700000e-04   2.70000000e-04   2.54900000e-04   2.28500000e-04
   2.17000000e-04   1.96700000e-04   1.87700000e-04   1.71600000e-04
   1.64300000e-04   1.51300000e-04   1.45500000e-04   1.34800000e-04
   1.29900000e-04   1.21100000e-04   1.17000000e-04   1.09500000e-04
   1.06000000e-04   9.96600000e-05   9.67000000e-05   9.12100000e-05
   8.86500000e-05   8.38800000e-05   8.16600000e-05   7.74900000e-05
   7.55300000e-05   7.18600000e-05   7.01300000e-05   6.68800000e-05
   6.53500000e-05   6.38700000e-05   6.24500000e-05   6.10800000e-05
   5.97600000e-05   5.84800000e-05   5.72600000e-05   5.60700000e-05
   5.49200000e-05   5.38100000e-05   5.27400000e-05   5.17100000e-05
   5.07000000e-05   4.97300000e-05   4.92400000e-05   4.72200000e-05
   4.35700000e-05   4.19100000e-05   3.88600000e-05   3.74700000e-05
   3.49000000e-05   3.37200000e-05   3.15400000e-05   3.05300000e-05
   2.86500000e-05   2.77800000e-05   2.61500000e-05   2.54000000e-05
   2.39800000e-05   2.33200000e-05   2.20700000e-05   2.14900000e-05
   2.03900000e-05   1.98700000e-05   1.89000000e-05   1.84300000e-05
   1.75600000e-05   1.71500000e-05   1.63700000e-05   1.60000000e-05
   1.53000000e-05   1.49700000e-05   1.43300000e-05   1.40300000e-05
   1.34600000e-05   1.31800000e-05   1.26600000e-05   1.24100000e-05
   1.19400000e-05   1.17100000e-05   1.12700000e-05   1.10600000e-05
   1.06600000e-05   1.04700000e-05   1.01000000e-05   9.92500000e-06
   9.58500000e-06   9.42200000e-06   9.10900000e-06   8.81100000e-06]

and FILE_2 values:

[  9.21500000e-07   1.68000000e-01   3.13000000e-01   4.47000000e-01
   5.58000000e-01   8.37000000e-01   1.08000000e+00   1.67000000e+00
   2.20000000e+00   3.31000000e+00   4.30000000e+00   6.53000000e+00
   8.50000000e+00   1.29000000e+01   1.68000000e+01   2.03000000e+01
   2.37000000e+01   2.68000000e+01   2.98000000e+01   3.27000000e+01
   3.55000000e+01   3.82000000e+01   4.08000000e+01   4.34000000e+01
   4.59000000e+01   4.83000000e+01   5.07000000e+01   5.31000000e+01
   5.54000000e+01   5.77000000e+01   5.99000000e+01   6.21000000e+01
   6.43000000e+01   6.65000000e+01   6.86000000e+01   7.07000000e+01
   7.28000000e+01   7.49000000e+01   7.69000000e+01   8.09000000e+01
   8.29000000e+01   8.68000000e+01   8.87000000e+01   9.25000000e+01
   9.44000000e+01   9.81000000e+01   9.99000000e+01   1.04000000e+02
   1.05000000e+02   1.09000000e+02   1.11000000e+02   1.14000000e+02
   1.16000000e+02   1.19000000e+02   1.21000000e+02   1.24000000e+02
   1.26000000e+02   1.29000000e+02   1.31000000e+02   1.34000000e+02
   1.36000000e+02   1.39000000e+02   1.41000000e+02   1.44000000e+02
   1.46000000e+02   1.47000000e+02   1.49000000e+02   1.50000000e+02
   1.52000000e+02   1.53000000e+02   1.55000000e+02   1.57000000e+02
   1.58000000e+02   1.60000000e+02   1.61000000e+02   1.63000000e+02
   1.64000000e+02   1.66000000e+02   1.66000000e+02   1.69000000e+02
   1.73000000e+02   1.75000000e+02   1.80000000e+02   1.82000000e+02
   1.87000000e+02   1.89000000e+02   1.93000000e+02   1.96000000e+02
   2.00000000e+02   2.02000000e+02   2.07000000e+02   2.09000000e+02
   2.13000000e+02   2.15000000e+02   2.20000000e+02   2.22000000e+02
   2.26000000e+02   2.28000000e+02   2.33000000e+02   2.35000000e+02
   2.39000000e+02   2.41000000e+02   2.46000000e+02   2.48000000e+02
   2.52000000e+02   2.54000000e+02   2.59000000e+02   2.61000000e+02
   2.65000000e+02   2.67000000e+02   2.72000000e+02   2.74000000e+02
   2.78000000e+02   2.80000000e+02   2.84000000e+02   2.86000000e+02
   2.91000000e+02   2.93000000e+02   2.97000000e+02   2.99000000e+02
   3.03000000e+02   3.06000000e+02   3.10000000e+02   3.14000000e+02]

and FILE_3 values:

[  2.59000000e+00   2.69000000e+00   2.92000000e+00   3.23000000e+00
   3.54000000e+00   4.48000000e+00   5.41000000e+00   8.00000000e+00
   1.06000000e+01   1.66000000e+01   2.27000000e+01   3.82000000e+01
   5.37000000e+01   9.37000000e+01   1.34000000e+02   1.74000000e+02
   2.14000000e+02   2.54000000e+02   2.94000000e+02   3.34000000e+02
   3.74000000e+02   4.14000000e+02   4.54000000e+02   4.94000000e+02
   5.34000000e+02   5.74000000e+02   6.14000000e+02   6.54000000e+02
   6.94000000e+02   7.34000000e+02   7.74000000e+02   8.14000000e+02
   8.54000000e+02   8.94000000e+02   9.34000000e+02   9.74000000e+02
   1.01400000e+03   1.05400000e+03   1.09400000e+03   1.17400000e+03
   1.21400000e+03   1.29400000e+03   1.33400000e+03   1.41400000e+03
   1.45400000e+03   1.53400000e+03   1.57400000e+03   1.65400000e+03
   1.69400000e+03   1.77400000e+03   1.81400000e+03   1.89400000e+03
   1.93400000e+03   2.01400000e+03   2.05400000e+03   2.13400000e+03
   2.17400000e+03   2.25400000e+03   2.29400000e+03   2.37400000e+03
   2.41400000e+03   2.49400000e+03   2.53400000e+03   2.61400000e+03
   2.65400000e+03   2.69400000e+03   2.73400000e+03   2.77400000e+03
   2.81400000e+03   2.85400000e+03   2.89400000e+03   2.93400000e+03
   2.97400000e+03   3.01400000e+03   3.05400000e+03   3.09400000e+03
   3.13400000e+03   3.17400000e+03   3.19500000e+03   3.25500000e+03
   3.37500000e+03   3.43500000e+03   3.55500000e+03   3.61500000e+03
   3.73500000e+03   3.79500000e+03   3.91500000e+03   3.97500000e+03
   4.09500000e+03   4.15500000e+03   4.27500000e+03   4.33500000e+03
   4.45500000e+03   4.51500000e+03   4.63500000e+03   4.69500000e+03
   4.81500000e+03   4.87500000e+03   4.99500000e+03   5.05500000e+03
   5.17500000e+03   5.23500000e+03   5.35500000e+03   5.41500000e+03
   5.53500000e+03   5.59500000e+03   5.71500000e+03   5.77500000e+03
   5.89500000e+03   5.95500000e+03   6.07500000e+03   6.13500000e+03
   6.25500000e+03   6.31500000e+03   6.43500000e+03   6.49500000e+03
   6.61500000e+03   6.67500000e+03   6.79500000e+03   6.85500000e+03
   6.97500000e+03   7.03500000e+03   7.15500000e+03   7.27500000e+03]

Thank you for your help Prema

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What do you mean it can not show up? Can you see any plots ever? Do you see the axes, but no data? – Mike May 1 '13 at 2:31
I can not see any plot... – Přé Ma May 1 '13 at 9:33
Maybe need I change def calculation()? def calculation(tick,m): cx = FILE_1 sy = FILE_2 x = FILE_3 while np.log(cx/(tick)) > 0: contour=sy * np.sqrt(2*np.log(cx/tick)) y.append(contour) x=x[:len(y)] – Přé Ma May 1 '13 at 14:32
Usually, if you need to enter a significant amount of code (like your last comment), it's better to just edit your original question, and add it there. Anyway, hopefully, I've answered your question below. :) – Mike May 1 '13 at 15:24
If your question has been answered, it's customary to check the answer that worked, and upvote any good answers. And maybe give a little feedback on it. – Mike May 3 '13 at 16:13
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Step 1: Make sure you can actually see a simple plot.

You need to set up python so that the following script shows you something:

import numpy as np
import matplotlib.pyplot as plt
x = np.linspace(0,2*np.pi)
y = np.sin(x)

If this doesn't work, it's no surprise that you're not seeing anything with your more complicated plot. Getting this working depends on the details of your system, but a good place to start is by figuring out which backend you want to use.

For interactive use, most people who need to interact with plots frequently will just use ipython with pylab, started from the command line as

ipython --pylab

You may need to install ipython and pylab to get this working.

Step 1b: Save output figure?

Alternatively, if the interactive plot isn't working for you, or you just want to save the figure to a file, you can replace plt.show() with


You can replace png with pdf or various other file types.

Step 2: Get your code working.

The code you've posted contains several errors, and no request to draw a plot. Here are some corrections I see. Your function definitions have too many variables; they should be

def concentration_chart_plume(ax, ticks, colors, title):


def calculation(tick):

Your equation should be something like

    y  = np.asarray(sy) * np.sqrt(2 * np.log(np.asarray(cx) / (tick)))

Python doesn't know how to multiply lists together, so you have to make them into numpy arrays. Also, you should insert as the second-to-last line of your code (right before plt.show()) the line

    concentration_chart_plume(ax, ticks, colors, title)

which actually draws the plot.

Finally, I assume that you're doing something sensible so that your script gets the right values of FILE_1, FILE_2, and FILE_3.

Step 3: Check your equation

I don't know what you're trying to plot, but the equation you're using gives invalid values (as you seem to know) any time the element in cx is less than 1.0. Is this really the right equation? If so, you might want to use something like

cx = [max(1.0, c) for c in cx]

after you set the values of cx, but before you use them. Then, the logarithm will always be 0.0 or greater, so that the square-root exists. This basically throws away smaller values of your data, so I'm assuming that they're just noise or something....

Step N+1: Enjoy the results

After making all of the changes listed in steps 2 and 3 (and correcting the spelling of the title), I get the following very-reasonable-looking plot:

Contour plot

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Note that I've edited the equation above, because there was an extra pair of brackets around it in the original post. These cause an error when calling Polygon. – Mike May 1 '13 at 15:17
Thanks you very much Mike – Přé Ma May 6 '13 at 10:18
Sure thing. If this solved your problem, you should mark it as solved by clicking the green check mark at the top of the answer. – Mike May 6 '13 at 11:07

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