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Can changes made to references returned by Google Mock be reflected in the original value?

Sample test code (using CppUnit as the unit testing framework):

int i = 0;
EXPECT_CALL(mock, GetValue())



Sample code:

auto x = obj.GetValue();

My testing shows that this doesn't update the value of i, but Google's description of ReturnRef and ReturnRefOfCopy seems to mean that this should work, i.e.

  • ReturnRef(variable) - Return a reference to variable.
  • ReturnRefOfCopy(value) - Return a reference to a copy of value; the copy lives as long as the action.

Instead it seems like ReturnRef also returns the reference to a copy. Is there some way to get this behaviour using Google Mock?

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auto& x = obj.GetValue(); – Captain Obvlious May 1 '13 at 2:21
@CaptainObvlious Correct. Want to make that an answer so I can accept? – dlanod May 1 '13 at 4:04
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auto uses the same type deduction rules as templates. In your case auto x means the same as a template type parameter.

template<typename T>
int function(T t) { 
    T x; // <-- is equivalent to `auto x` outside of a template

In your example the type is deduced to an int rather than int& as you were expecting which is why the original value remained the same. You will need to declare the reference explicitly (auto& x) in order to modify the original value.

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