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I have a custom user control called ErrorNotificationBox. To place that on my page I do the old...

<%@ Register Src="~/PathTo/ErrorNotificationBox.ascx" TagName="ErrorNotificationBox" TagPrefix="uc" %>

<uc:ErrorNotificationBox Runat="server" id="myEnb" Caption="My Test Caption" />

Is it possible to extend HtmlHelper to include my user control? I.e...

<%= Html.ErrorNotificationBox("My Test Caption")%>

Many thanks for any help.


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Most of the methods in html helper are Extension methods. You can easily add your own.

public static class MyExtensions
    public static string ErrorNotificationBox(this HtmlHelper helper, string caption)
        //generate and return the html for your error box here. 
        // loading and returning an instance of a user control (.ascx) 
        // as a string is difficult.  You may find it easier to 
        // create the html with a string builder.
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