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I am using Test::Unit::TestCase for unit-testing in perl. Is there any way to do some special assertion in the tear_down sub, if - and only if - the current test succeeds so far.

sub set_up {
  my ($O_self) = @_;

  # prepare test case

sub tear_down {
  my ($O_self) = @_;

  # how to check if test succeeds so far?
  if (...) {

sub test_any1 {
   # some test

sub test_any2 {
   # some other test

Of course I can do the special check at the end of each test, but it would be much nicer to do it inside the tear_down so that I cannot forget the special check.

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What is the special check you want to do? –  Schwern May 1 '13 at 6:39
In most of my tests I do some mocking. In the arange-part I define some expectations and after acting the test I want to assert, that all expectations are consumed. –  Meise2000 May 1 '13 at 9:24

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Test::Unit::TestCase hasn't been updated in 8 years. It doesn't use the normal Test::Builder infrastructure so it cannot be combined with other test modules. Avoid it if possible. If you want to do xUnit style testing in Perl, consider using Test::Class instead.

Because it is built using Test::Builder, you can access the underlying Test::Builder object and ask it for the state of the test.

sub teardown : Test(teardown) {
    my $self = shift;
    my $tb = $self->builder;

    my $all_tests_passing = !grep !$_, $tb->summary;
    do_something_extra if $all_tests_passing;
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