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So this is my first time asking on stackoverflow, so apologies in advance for anything. I'm a very hack together and go web developer at the moment.

I am using Fancybox v2.1.0 for my personal portfolio site: http://www.himynameisalex.com/

When you click on one of the individual pieces, it brings up an iframe with an HTML page inside of it. You can move between these overlays using arrow navigations on the right and left.

What I want to do is create unique URLs that can be entered to go to my website with the specific iframe overlay already opened. I would then want it to update the URL in the address bar as you move from one iframe of HTML to another.

I've been looking all over for something specific to changing the URLs for Fancybox 2 iframes. I came close through this thread: How to create a direct link to any fancybox box, but it was geared toward images.

Here is an example that works when using an image gallery: http://josemelo.net/?p=1#2012-09_0733

This post also seemed like it would work, but I can't figure it out: jquery fancybox, iframe or ajax, load with url In this one I've tinkered with what is provided there (the following):


    <a class="fancybox fancybox.iframe" href="iframe.html">Iframe</a>


        content: $(window.location.hash).html()

This has gotten me as far as successfully opening an iframe, but it doesn't update the address bar or give an individual URL for the opened iframe.

When you click on one of my pieces, I want the address bar to display something like himynameisalex.com/pieces/votevoice.html or anything that can serve as a direct link. Right now each individual piece is an HTML file located in a folder called 'pieces.'

Here's an example of one of my pieces as a list item (it can be seen as the first item on my site):

<li class="item" data-id="id-1" data-type="web">
    <a data-fancybox-group="quicksandGallery" href="http://www.himynameisalex.com/pieces/votevoice.html">
    <img src="images/voicethumb.png" height="215" width="215" alt="Voice Responsive Site thumbnail">
             Voice Campaign Site

          <p class="subtitle">
             Responsive Web Design + Development

and as of now, this is the function I have set up in a connected 'main.js' file used to open the iframe:

            'transitionIn'      : 'none',
            'transitionOut'     : 'none',
            'type'              : 'iframe'


I'm also not sure if setting everything as an HTML5 document or using the Quicksand sorting plugin in conjunction with Fancybox has anything to do with it.

I hope this question is not too specific. I think if someone could explain how to modify the URLs for opened Fancybox 2 iframes, it would help many people that may have the same problem. I'm a designer who likes to build my own stuff, so I'd greatly appreciate it if you could explain it like I know nothing about javascript/jquery.

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How to create a direct link to any fancybox box but it was geared toward images. ... you can use the same code structure for iframes too, just need to add the proper API options for iframe –  JFK May 1 '13 at 21:27

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