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I have a list of i18n translation strings within an meteor-i18n object that I'm iterating over. Instead of creating a Template Helper for each string manually though, which would soon become redundant and repetitive, I would like to create the Helpers dynamically, within a loop, like so:

for (var namespace in Meteor.i18nMessages) {
  for (var msg in Meteor.i18nMessages[namespace]){
    //Template[namespace][msg] = __(namespace + "." + msg); // <- works but is not reactive
    Template[namespace][msg] = function() { // <- Doesn't work: always returns last value from object
      return __(namespace + "." + msg);

However when I do, I lose reactivity. How would one go about solving this? I'm a fan of best-practices and elegant code.


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You need to precompile the handlebars templates with

Meteor._def_template("templateName", function () { 
    return "your html"

This creates a template at Template.templateName which will be reactive with the helpers defined for it.

EventedMind has some screencasts that show how this works in good detail:

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Thanks. Tried this in the client, however no dice Meteor._def_template("lang.language", function () { console.log("Hola!"); return "Text in Spanish"; }); –  Kris Haamer May 1 '13 at 11:58
I just tried this and it works. (note you can't use a . in the template name it has to be a standard object key (letters,numbers,underscore). For instance I tried your same one with 'lang' and I got a new template at Template.lang –  Akshat May 1 '13 at 12:15
OK, gotcha. I'm still defining the templates in HTML, so for example I've got <template name="lang">{{language}}</template> and <template name="footer">{{translatedfootertext}}</template>. What I want to do is to update the hundreds of translated strings dynamically in different templates across the site. Do I have to create all of the templates in JS? –  Kris Haamer May 1 '13 at 12:22
You could use one of the packages on atmosphere to help you out like this one: github.com/txgruppi/meteor-simple-i18n –  Akshat May 1 '13 at 19:12
Yep, this is what I'm using: github.com/jerico-dev/meteor-i18n –  Kris Haamer May 1 '13 at 19:23

My text editor keeps calling me "evil" for using eval but this works:

for (var namespace in Meteor.i18nMessages) {
  var obj = {};
  for (var msg in Meteor.i18nMessages[namespace]) {
    var str = 'obj["' + msg + '"] = function() { return __("' + namespace + '.' + msg + '"); }';
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