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how do I compare 2 vectors of equal length - I want to get number of elements (which have the same position in both vectors) that differ.

x=[1 0 0 1 1]
y=[1 0 1 1 0]
result should be 2 since 3rd and 5th element of both vectors differ
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One possible solution:

x==y will return a vector of length length(x) (or length(y) since x and y are the same length) with 1 where x(i)==y(i) and 0 where x(i)~=y(i):

>> x==y
ans =

   1   1   0   1   0

So all you need to do is sum the elements of x==y and subtract that to length(x)

>> length(x)-sum(x==y)
ans =  2


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To avoid problems in the case of a matrix, I'd suggest to replace length and sum with numel and nnz. I specially don't like length since it's has the weird definition of length of the largest dimension. –  carandraug May 1 '13 at 9:18
Good point, although the OP did specify x and y to be vectors, not matrices. –  am304 May 1 '13 at 9:28

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