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I am using TCPDF library to generate report on one of my application. When ever i generate PDF using TCPDF, chunk of memory get allocated like 256MB & after generating the PDF, that allocated memory is not getting free.

This is blocking around 2GB memory. So the final solution which i have is change the TCPDF lib with other lib.

Can anybody knows why TCPDF allocates the memory or is there any way to flush the memory after the pdf generation?

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Is there a question here that you want answering? –  Mark Baker May 1 '13 at 9:02
Yes, wanted to know the reason why TCPDF eats up the memory & that memory is not getting free. –  Vijay Kumbhar May 1 '13 at 9:04

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Are you cleaning your output buffer in your View? I am also using TCPDF in some of my Cake projects, but never had this problem. Your view should have somthing like this:

// Start output buffering

// Your TCPDF code here

// Clean the output buffer

Works just fine for me, memory is freed right after generation.

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If you have PHP5 running on your server: does your TCPDF object have a __deconstruct() method?

If you have PHP4 running on your server: try unset($pdfobject).

Run these methods once you're done creating/writing/printing your PDF.

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