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I'm using spring-data-mongodb 1.2.0 with QueryDSL 2.9.0.

Why doesn't the QueryDslPredicateExecutor have a delete(Predicate predicate) method?

Is there a workaround?

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What you can probably do is this. With the predicate for "where" condition, query for the objects and then pass that to the delete method

QMyObj obj= new QMyObj("myObj");
Iterable<MyObj> myObjs = myObjRepository.findAll(obj.property.eq("property"));

Here I am first creating an instance of the Q class and then finding all the objects based on the predicate. Then calling the repository's void delete(Iterable<? extends T> entities) method.

May be it is because of this workaround they don't provide it, but that is for the Spring Source guys to confirm

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