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I am totally new in R and have the following problem: I want to create a new column V4 with the letter A only IF values in V2 are bigger or equal 1.2

This is my test data frame df:

    V1  V2  V3
1   ABC 1.2 4.3
2   CFS 2.3 1.7
3   dgf 1.3 4.4

That's what I did


for(i in 1:nrow(df)) {   
 if (grepl(>=1.2,xy)) 
 df[i,]$V4 ="A"      

It works fine when I just want exactly 1.2, but >= seems not to work. Has anyone an idea why?

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An ifelse seems appropriate in this instance:

df$V4 <- ifelse( df$V2 >= 1.2 , "A" , NA )

This will give NA to values that are not >= to 1.2. In your example all values in df$V2 are greater than or equal to 1.2 so you get:

#   V1  V2  V3 V4
#1 ABC 1.2 4.3  A
#2 CFS 2.3 1.7  A
#3 dgf 1.3 4.4  A

However if we make a value that is smaller than 1.2...

#   V1  V2  V3
#1 ABC 1.2 4.3
#2 CFS 2.3 1.7
#3 dgf 1.0 4.4

df$V4 <- ifelse( df$V2 >= 1.2 , "A" , NA )
#   V1  V2  V3   V4
#1 ABC 1.2 4.3    A
#2 CFS 2.3 1.7    A
#3 dgf 1.0 4.4 <NA>

The NA is surround by angled braces to denote that it is infact an NA (missing value etc) rather than the character string 'NA'.

If you have a large number of rows in your dataset then a comparison and replacement of a subset method could be quicker:

 df$V4 <- NA
 df$V4[ df$V2 >= 1.2 ] <- "A"
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Is this answer entirely right then? Here the column V4 is of type character and still we get angle brackets around NA. –  Arun May 1 '13 at 9:45
Thanks a lot! Exactly what I needed. Straight forward code. –  RNewbi May 1 '13 at 20:44

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