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Consider the following HTML code:

<img/asimpletest/onerror=alert('Error') src=test />

I'm very confused with the slash / in the code above. With the junk code /asimpletest/, the web browser (both IE and Chrome) can also pop up the messagebox "Error". Is there any meaning with the slash and the content in it?

<img onerror=alert('Error') src=test />
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It has no meaning and it's wrong. Probably a typo. Your corrected version should work fine. –  filipko May 1 '13 at 9:31

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You usually use the slash / (in HTML I mean) when you have to close a particular tag:

<p align="center"> text </p>

In this case your code is wrong because you didn't use the slash in the correct way. Look here an example

<img src="image.gif" onerror="alert('Error')">

Also, /asimpletest/ is useless. Remove it.

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/asimpletest/ doesnot add to anything

This will surely work fine without junk data you are referring to

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