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I have about 8 type:

<input type="text" id="color1" name="color1" class="colorwell" value="#ffffff" />


<input type="text" id="color8" name="color8" class="colorwell" value="#ffffff" />

I have the color in a varaibile

 $('#picker').farbtastic('#color_picker_input').mouseup(function (){
      var colore = $.farbtastic('#picker').color;

but I would also like to identify the name or id

something that looks like

var nome = $.farbtastic('#picker').name;

This does not work. What am I doing wrong?

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What do you want to end up with, an array of all the element ids, an object of their properties, or a single variable that's over-written every time a new id is found? –  David Thomas May 1 '13 at 10:26

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I've not used Farbtastic, but you should be able to console.log($.farbtastic('#picker')) to view all the information about that object in the JavaScript console. From this you can determine what the name is stored as or how to get the name (if it's a method instead).

You may also be able to just use jQuery's default attr() method:

// Or

I've just tried this on the official site and this is in fact the case:

Based on the Farbtastic documentation, there is no way to call name or id through the farbtastic object. You'll need to fall back to generic jQuery:

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Please explain the downvotes? This may not give a direct answer, but it does give a way to easily find out the answer... $.farbtastic('#picker') will be an object, and calling console.log($.farbtastic('#picker')); will log all properties and methods associated with it. –  James Donnelly May 1 '13 at 10:01

To get all the ids, and push to an array:

var ids = [];


JS Fiddle demo.

To get other details, and populate an object, or rather an array of objects, with various properties:

var colorwells = [],

    self = this;
            id : self.id,
            name : self.name,
            value : self.value

JS Fiddle demo.

Specifically to address your question, and bear in mind that I've never used farbtastic (as a developer, though I'm aware it's used widely for UI), and assuming that your posted code (to alert the colour) works, then I'd suggest:

$('#picker').farbtastic('#color_picker_input').mouseup(function (){
    var colore = $.farbtastic('#picker').color,
        nome = this.id || '';
        console.log(colore, nome);

This should retrieve either the id of the current DOM node, or an empty string (to prevent error messages regarding undefined strings/properties/objects).

While $(this).attr('id') or $(this).prop('id') works, it's needlessly expensive to invoke jQuery to retrieve a property of a DOM node (that's perfectly available without wrapping a node into a jQuery object).

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writing as you suggest

  $('#picker').farbtastic('#color_picker_input').mouseup(function (){
            var colore = $.farbtastic('#picker').color,
            nome = this.id || '';
          console.log(colore, nome);
                 // alert(nome);        

on the console log I read:

21cc00 picker

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Problem solved!

$('#picker').farbtastic('#color_picker_input').mouseup(function (){

     var   nome = $("input:text:focus").attr("id");
     var   colore = $.farbtastic('#picker').color;

          console.log( colore, nome);

in this way I determine which textbox has been used

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