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I'm having an issue with one of my controllers accessing the methods within a model.

I have a controller (application>controllers>event.php) with an index method:

class Event_Controller extends Base_Controller {
    public $layout = 'layouts.default';
    public $restful = true; 
    public function get_index()

        $category       = (isset($_GET['category']))? $_GET['category'] : NULL;
        $date           = (isset($_GET['date']))? $_GET['date'] : NULL;
        $county         = (isset($_GET['county']))? $_GET['county'] : NULL;
        $events         = Event::get_event_list($category, $date, $county);

        $this->layout->title = 'Events';
        $this->layout->nest('content', 'event.index', array(
          //'data' => $some_data


And the model (application>models>event.php):

class Event extends Eloquent{
    public static function get_event_list($category = null, $month = null, $county = null)
        $events = DB::table('events');

            $events->where('dtDateTime', 'LIKE', $month.'-%');

            $events->where('strCategories', 'LIKE', '%['.$category.']%');       

            $events->where('strCounty', 'LIKE', '%'.$tag.'%');

        return $events->order_by('dtDateTime', 'DESC')->get();


If I change the model name in the call to the method in the controller (ie Eventsx::....) I get an error that the model doesn't exist so I know it can find the model, however when I try and run this (or with a call to any other method in the Model), I get the error:

Call to undefined method Laravel\Event::get_event_list()

I have similar controllers accessing similar methods in their models but for some reason, it is not playing ball here. The controller can access methods in other Models with no issues.

Here are my routes:

Route::get('/events', array('as' => 'event', 'uses' => 'Event@index'));
Route::get('/events/(:any)', array('as' => 'event', 'uses' => 'Event@event'));

Can anyone see anything glaringly obvious that I'm doing wrong here?


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I worked it out. class Event is already taken by laravel. I renamed my model and everything worked fine

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You could also use namespaces. –  Jamie Schembri May 1 '13 at 11:56
Thanks. I will take a look into this. –  Fraser May 1 '13 at 12:31

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