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Java :

import java.util.*;
import org.scribe.builder.*;
import org.scribe.builder.api.*;
import org.scribe.model.*;
import org.scribe.oauth.

JRuby :

java_import org.scribe.builder.*;
java_import org.scribe.builder.api.*;
java_import org.scribe.model.*;
java_import org.scribe.oauth.*;

Getting this error JRuby :

wrong constant name OrgScribeBuilder*
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you should have got the error NameError: cannot load Java class org.scribe.builder.. Java classes must be imported with their full qualified name.

require 'java'
require 'scribe-1.3.4.jar'
# you can't use the start import -> java_import 'org.scribe.builder.*'
java_import 'org.scribe.builder.ServiceBuilder'
service = ServiceBuilder.new;

or as @Idan wrote use the include_package

require 'java'
require 'scribe-1.3.4.jar'

# use include_package to have an analogue way like in Java -> 'import org.scribe.builder.*'
module Demo
  include_package 'org.scribe.builder'
  service = ServiceBuilder.new;

cheers Frank

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