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I am working on a context menu in dijit. The code is almost done and the menu pops up as I right click the attached dom node. The problem is that I need to be able to show/hide the menu programatically. It appears that there is no method like .show() or .hide()

here is the code:

var top_settings_menu;

require(["dojo/ready", "dijit/Menu"], function(ready, Menu) {
    ready(function() {
        top_settings_menu = new Menu();

        ...menu items



Here is what i need: Method to show hide the menu programatically like: top_settings_menu.show(); top_settings_menu.hide();

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This fiddle demonstrates two approaches, but I don't know if there's an official way to do this.

Setup the menu:

var pMenu;

require(["dojo/ready", "dijit/Menu", "dijit/MenuItem", "dijit/PopupMenuItem"], function (ready, Menu, MenuItem) {
    ready(function () {
        pMenu = new Menu({
            targetNodeIds: ["progmenu"]
        pMenu.addChild(new MenuItem({
            label: "Simple menu item"

function runAfterDelay(fn, ms) {
    setTimeout(function () {
        console.log("Timeout " + new Date());
    }, ms);

Add the event handling.

  • Approach #1 is to call dijit/popup.close(), passing the menu as the single parameter.
  • Approach #2 synthesises a blur event to 'trick' the menu into closing.


require(["dojo/dom", "dojo/on", "dijit/popup"], function (dom, on, popup) {
    var timeout = 3000;
    on(dom.byId("btnPopupClose"), "click", function () {
        runAfterDelay(function () {
            if (pMenu) {
                console.log("Calling .close()");
        }, timeout);
    on(dom.byId("btnTriggerBlur"), "click", function () {
        runAfterDelay(function () {
            var opts = {
                bubbles: true,
                cancelable: true
            console.log("emitting blur event");
            on.emit(pMenu.domNode, "blur", opts);
        }, timeout);
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