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In my Spring Application, i'm Using Hibernate Validator for Validation Purpose.

When i'm doing simple Validation like @NotEmpty, @Email .. i'm easily working

But When coming to Date field, giving Problem...

Problem is in my Jsp page i'm getting values type as String then i'm convert String to Date..

Hear is my Example...

@NotEmpty(message = "Write Some Description")
private String description;

private String fromDateMonth;

private String fromDateYear;

private String toDateMonth;

private String toDateYear;

i'm converting this fromDateMonth and fromDateYear into Date in this my Controller class.

So is their any Possibility to add Validator Annotation in Controller class?

Other wise what should i'm do hear? give me suggestions...

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If you want to validate that fromDate is before toDate, you can write a custom validator to perform this multi-field validation. You write a custom validator, and you also define a custom annotation which is placed on the bean being validated.

See the following answers for more information.

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For sure you can use Bean Validation inside your controller, just add an annotation on the property like you did in your model. But the best way would be use a Date type in your model instead of string.

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if type is Date ... So simple but Problem is my jsp has two select box es and one is for month and one is for Year .. so that's way i'm taking Strings... – Java Developer May 1 '13 at 11:55
In my controller class, first compare Two Dates, if fromdate is greater than to todate .. i'm add error to BindingResult object but how to add and in Bean class which annotation will add? – Java Developer May 1 '13 at 11:58
It might be more simple if you use a Date object in your model, then use a date field in your JSF, you'll be able to use the annotations directly inside your model and test if the date is before or after today (if I understood well your last comment) with the @Past or @Future annotations – Romain R May 1 '13 at 12:06

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