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I have a function that detects when the objects collide but how do I delete one of them?

private function fruitToFloorCollision(collision:InteractionCallback):void
            // TODO Auto Generated method stub

            trace('fruit hits floor');


when I trace out the collision

Cb:BEGIN:(dynamic)#11/(static)#1 : [CollisionArbiter(Polygon#2|Circle#12)[SD]<-ACCEPT] : listener: InteractionListener{BEGIN#COLLISION::@{[CbType#5] excluding []}:@{[CbType#6] excluding []}} precedence=0
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The preferred idiom with Nape to remove the body from the simulation seems to be: = null;

Although it internally calls space.bodies.remove() just as you did, it also does some extra checks as well.

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my answer.....

if anyone has got a better/alternative would like to hear it...

private function fruitToFloorCollision(collision:InteractionCallback):void

            var ball:Body = collision.int1 as Body;
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As far as i know, Considering you have 2 Objects fruit and floor, interactionListener added in that order.

private function fruitToFloorCollision(collision:InteractionCallback):void

        // CBTypes are added to Shapes not Bodies. So collision.int1 is a shape.

        var fruit:Body = collision.int1.castShape.body as Body;
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