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I have three solutions which build two clients and a server, and share many libraries. I would like to be able to combine these into a "master" solution that builds all the necessary projects.

For various reasons, which perhaps deserve a question of their own, some of the shared libraries are linked statically (.lib only) to one application and dynamically (.lib + .dll) to another application. So a build would actually require building two separate configurations of a single project. It looks like the VS dependencies don't handle this case, but I thought I would see if anyone else has already solved this.

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Currently, I'm using 4 solution configurations instead of two, e.g.,

Debug Clients
Release Clients
Debug Server
Release Server

And each solution configuration builds the appropriate project configs. Then I can build everything by doing a "batch build" on whichever two I'm currently interested in, and apparently VS refuses to do parallel builds when using batch builds.

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