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I've seen some strange ; at the beginning of a function in some jQuery plugins source code like this:

;(function ($) {.....

Can someone explain why they need to use ; in this case?

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It's because some people just don't care about the quality of the code they write. Semicolon allows them to add new stuff to their code without paying attention to what's before. –  Michal May 1 '13 at 14:06
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This semicolon will help you to properly concatenate a new code into a file when the current existed code in this file does not include a ; at the end.

For example:

(function() {

})()  // <--- No semicolon

//  Added semicolon to prevent unexpected laziness result from previous code    
;(function ($) {


Without the semicolon, the second () would have been interpreted as a function call, and will tried to call the return result of the first function

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I don't think it's a syntax error. It's to prevent the second script from calling the first. () calls a function, which is exactly what the second script looks like –  Ian May 1 '13 at 14:06

This is just to make sure to terminate any previous instruction.

the semi colon before function invocation is a safety net against concatenated scripts and/or other plugins which may not be closed properly.


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