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I have to get an URL so I can get directly into the main.aspx page of dynamics with a specific entity. This I already did, no problem. The problem is that I have to open this entity in the main.aspx and show in the IFrame a list of entity that have a 1:N relationship with the entity from the main.aspx page.

I'll explain more what I need. To open the main.aspx page with then entity I use this URL:


This works just fine.

This entity have a child entity that, when I click on it in the left menu, it shows me in the IFrame the list of entity that have a relationship with the one that is opened in the main.aspx. I can get this URL too, the url of the IFrame is:

.../userdefined/areas.aspx?oId=%7b[GUID from the entity of the entity in the main.aspx]%7d&oType=10126&security=852023&tabSet=[my relationship name]

This URL send me to the IFrame page, this means that I can't ADD more child entity neither alter the parent entity because I'm in the Iframe page.

What I need, is a URL to open in my browser the main.aspx page with the entity and, at the same time, with the IFrame showing the list of child entity.

Can this be done?

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