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Are there any good libraries for charts and gauche controls (WPF/.net 4.5/C#)? I need them to embed into a windows application, which should run under windows embedded. probably windows embedded 8.

thanks for your help.

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This tutorial demonstrates how to draw various charts including line chart, bar chart, column chart, area chart, scatter chart, and pie chart using WPF and C#.

And there is a

Free tools supporting panning / zooming:

  • DynamicDataDisplay - a nice, open source data visualization library. Unfortunately it's not been updated since April 30, 2009.

Free tools without built in pan / zoom support:

  • WPF Toolkit. Supports most important 2D charts, you'll have to implement pan / zoom yourself.

And a

Paid tools with built in pan / zoom support:

  • Visiblox Charts. Support for the most important 2D charts, comes with zooming and panning. The free version comes with watermark. (See this blog post on using zooming / panning)

  • SciChart. Supports most important 2D charts, comes with zooming and panning, mouse-wheel with animation on zoom. (See this blog post on using zooming / panning across multiple charts)

  • Infragistics xamDataChart. Supports most important 2D charts, zooming and panning. See this blog article on how to use zooming.

  • Telerik RadChart. Supports lots of 2D charts, has some support for zooming and panning, you might need to do a little work on that.

  • Visifire. Supports lots of 2D charts and zooming without animation, might need to do some extra work for smoother zooming.

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Can't go wrong with Telerik. Best charts imo. – timmy May 1 '13 at 14:42

The Dashboarding project on codeplex is an implementation of gauge controls in WPF/Silverlight. But you'd need to port to .NET 4.5.

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This answer is more of a comment than an answer. Please provide some info that answers the questions. A link can be outdated anytime. Thanks – phisch May 1 '13 at 14:42

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