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I managed to create a single plot with 4 different diagrams. However the axis labels don't show up. As I am a beginner in R I'd appreciate if someone could show me how to add axis labels to this kind of plot. X-Axis: Degree Y-Axis: Log(cumulative distribution)

The graph uses igraph-Functions.

Here is the graph: enter image description here And here is my code:

par(mar = rep(2, 4))  
ddU <- degree.distribution(USAN_g_num, cumulative=TRUE, mode="in")
plot(ddU,  log="xy", col=ifelse(degree.distribution(USAN_g_num, cumulative=FALSE,     mode="in")==0 ,'white',"black"), 
 pch=ifelse(degree.distribution(USAN_g_num, cumulative=FALSE, mode="in")==0 ,10,20),
 cex=ifelse(degree.distribution(USAN_g_num, cumulative=FALSE, mode="in")==0 ,0,1),xlab="degree", ylab="log(cumulative frequency)",main="USAN") 

  ddS <- degree.distribution(SAg, cumulative=TRUE, mode="in")
  plot(ddS,  log="xy", col=ifelse(degree.distribution(SAg, cumulative=FALSE, mode="in")==0 ,'white',"black"),   
     pch=ifelse(degree.distribution(SAg, cumulative=FALSE, mode="in")==0 ,10,20),
     cex=ifelse(degree.distribution(SAg, cumulative=FALSE, mode="in")==0 ,0,1),xlab="degree", ylab="log(cumulative frequency)",main="SA") 

  ddO <- degree.distribution(OWg, cumulative=TRUE, mode="in")
  plot(ddO,  log="xy", col=ifelse(degree.distribution(OWg, cumulative=FALSE, mode="in")==0 ,'white',"black"),  
    pch=ifelse(degree.distribution(OWg, cumulative=FALSE, mode="in")==0 ,10,20),
    cex=ifelse(degree.distribution(OWg, cumulative=FALSE, mode="in")==0 ,0,1),xlab="degree", ylab="log(cumulative frequency)",main="OW") 

  ddT <- degree.distribution(STg, cumulative=TRUE, mode="in")
  plot(ddT,  log="xy", col=ifelse(degree.distribution(OWg, cumulative=FALSE, mode="in")==0 ,'black',"black"),  
    pch=ifelse(degree.distribution(STg, cumulative=FALSE, mode="in")==0 ,10,20),
    cex=ifelse(degree.distribution(STg, cumulative=FALSE, mode="in")==0 ,0,1),xlab="degree", ylab="log(cumulative frequency)",main="ST")

Thank you

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What package/library does degree.distribution function belong? – Andre Silva May 1 '13 at 14:28
@AndreSilva It belongs to igraph – SWR May 1 '13 at 14:29

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You don't see the x and y axis labels because you set too narrow margin for the bottom and left side of plots with mar=. Try to increase it to 4 or higher.

par(mar = c(4,4,2,2))  
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Thank you. It worked & I learned something new. – SWR May 1 '13 at 14:38

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