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I keep getting this error, and I have made the attributes accesible in the model:

class Contest < ActiveRecord::Base
attr_accessible  :optinpartners_attributes, :prizes_attributes, :css, :description,      :enddate, :promotion, :rules, :slug, :startdate, :title

 accepts_nested_attributes_for :optinpartners
 accepts_nested_attributes_for :prizes

  has_many :contest_entries
  has_many :contestants, :through => :contest_entries

  has_many :contest_prizes
  has_many :prizes, :through => :contest_prizes  

  has_many :contest_optins
  has_many :optinpartners, :through => :contest_optins

the exact error is:

Can't mass-assign protected attributes: prize, optininpartner

app/controllers/contests_controller.rb:49:in `new'
app/controllers/contests_controller.rb:49:in `create'

As per my understanding: if the attribute is made accesible in the model this should not be a problem. But mass assignment is also a security vulnerability, so how do I fix this without sacrificing security?

EDIT: As Requested: this is the _form.erb.html file for Contest. and This snippet is for the Prizes and Opt-Ins

<h2> Enter information on prizes </h2>

<%= f.fields_for :prize do |builder| %>

<%= builder.label :prize, "Prize" %><br/>
 <%= builder.text_field :prize%><br/>
<%= builder.label :description, "Description" %>
<%= builder.text_field :description%>


<h2> Enter information on Opt-In Partners </h2>

<%= f.fields_for :optinpartner do |builder| %>

<%= builder.label :name, "Name of Partner" %> 
<%= builder.text_field :name%>

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you have made the attributes_accessible, but not the actual object if you do attr_accessible :optinpartners it should work as expected. –  Doon May 1 '13 at 15:16
Can you post the view form code that is being passed to the create action? –  PinnyM May 1 '13 at 15:16
add :prize and :optininpartner to attr_accessible. –  Alex Lynham May 1 '13 at 15:17
@AlexLynham: :prize and :optinpartner should not have been passed to the ContestsController in the first place. –  PinnyM May 1 '13 at 15:20

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Instead of the plural :optinpartners_attributes, :prizes_attributes in attr_accessible, use the singular form - :optionpartner_attributes and :prize_attributes.

attr_accessible  :optinpartner_attributes, :prize_attributes, :css, :description,      :enddate, :promotion, :rules, :slug, :startdate, :title
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i still get this error: Can't mass-assign protected attributes: prize, optinpartner –  mikhail90 May 1 '13 at 16:45

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