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Is there a way to import all classes from a package and rename them all by prepending some text? A construct

import packages.{_ => Abc_}

compiles but seems not to be doing that thing.

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No, no way to do such a thing.

"Programming in Scala, 2nd Edition" 13.3, which is 2.9 based, defines the rules. I don't recall anything in the changes for 2.10 that alters the import mechanism.

Given import package.{selector}, selector may be one of:

  • x, a simple name

  • x => y, renaming x to y

  • x -> _, hiding x - excludes from names imported

  • _, the catch-all - import all names.

That's it. Your variant looks interesting, but isn't in that list. It is interesting that {_ => ...} compiles for various values of ..., but it's not clear that the effect is any different than _ for the few trials I ran.

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It's not exactly what you're after, but if you can put up with an extra . character, you could write

import com.{packages=>Abc}
val x:Abc.Whatever = new Abc.Whatever(...)
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Thanks, nice solution. – David Apltauer May 2 '13 at 23:19

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