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I have a table of multiple transactions. I am trying to get the row of the last transaction. I am using the following:

select n.AccountNumber, max(PostDate), f.TransAmt 
from mp_cycle n, fintrans f
where n.AccountNumber = f.AccountNumber
and TransCode >= '50'
and TransCode <= '59'
group by n.AccountNumber

This is returning the last date for a particular account, but the TransAmt is not for the same record.


Acct #  Date   Amt
1       1/1    10.00
1       1/2    11.00
1       1/3    12.00
2       1/2    20.00
2       1/3    21.00
2       1/4    22.00

My select will return the last date for each account, so 1/3 for act # 1 and 1/4 for act # 2, but the Amt field is not the amt that goes with that record.

Any assistance will be greatly appreciated.

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There are many ways to solve this problem, one is by joining extra subquery which separate gets the latest PostDate for every AccountNumber. The result of the subquery will then be joined on the other table provided that it should match on two columns: AccountNumber and PostDate.

SELECT  a.*, b.*
FROM    mp_cycle a
        INNER JOIN fintrans b
            ON a.AccountNumber = b.AccountNumber
        INNER JOIN
            SELECT  AccountNumber, MAX(PostDate) max_date
            FROM    fintrans 
            GROUP   BY AccountNumber
        ) c ON  b.AccountNumber = c.AccountNumber AND
                b.PostDate = c.max_date
-- WHERE    ..your conditions here..
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I modified the select at the top to only select the 3 fields I need and added the where clause where specified. This seems to work well. Thanks! –  Ken Roberts May 1 '13 at 16:19

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