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If there is a string like this "abcdefghijklm.com 80 /abcdefgh.php" where the domainname followed by http port and the sub string is first 8 digits of the domain name always and followed by ".php" (the sub-string character will change to 6 OR 8 OR 5 at times but however all those length would contain same characters of domain name and endswith .php more examples like this,

xyzklmopqr.com 80 xyzklm.php  
lkjhgfdsaq.com 80 lkjhg.php  
mjuyhnbgtr.com 80 mjuyhnbg.php
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1) show your own attempts. 2) use your real account, it's ok to ask a freakin question. –  sweaver2112 May 1 '13 at 16:59
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3 Answers

This works and you can easily change the numbers

(\w{5,6}|\w{8})\w*\.com 80 \1\.php

It's a little simpler than the other guy's solution

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+1, I think this is a little less efficient then my version since there will be more need for backtracking, but it is definitely easier to understand. –  Andrew Clark May 1 '13 at 17:08
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The following should work:

(((\w{5})\w?)\w{2}?)\w*\.com 80 (\1|\2|\3)\.php

Note that this works for the specific lengths you mentioned in your question (5, 6, and 8), not for any generic length substring.

Example: http://www.rubular.com/r/NwCcihN6o6

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I would try ([a-z]{6})\S* 80 \1\.php

That would work for your 6 case, you can change the number as needed for your other cases.

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