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I'm having issues using a GridView as a ListView's View, what I want to do is fire an event when a user makes a selection from a combobox within the Gridview and pass the selected item within the event.

  • My first issue is that when the user clicks the combobox within a row, the row isnt selected (meaning the selecteditem stays null unless they click elsewhere first). Is there a clean way to do this without trying to catch mouse clicks or anything?
  • Secondly theres no selectionchangecommited event on a WPF combobox, is there a cleaner way to check if a user has manually selected an option other than checking if the combobox is enabled?


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did you find the answer for it? – krishna Mar 29 '13 at 11:56
Link is broken can I get solution.. – krishna Mar 29 '13 at 11:56

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I 'solved' my issue by using the WPF Toolkit grid ( and a series of selected items, which is probably a cleaner solution anyway. Doesn't explain the behavior of the GridView, which is to me unusual

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I am seeing a similar behavior. My hypothesis is that one or more layers of the DataTemplate of each item in the list is swallowing the RoutedEvent that should have resulted in a new selection. Is it possible to, in a generic way, tell the items in the DataTemplate that they should never stop the event from bubbeling or tunneling further, without having to override every focus-triggering event handler in code behind?

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