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I need to change the opacity of a image when I hover either the image or the <p> above it. This is the html structure

<div id="article-menu">
     <li><img src="..." /></li>


$("#article-menu img, #article-menu p").hover(function() {
    $(this).closest('img').css('opacity', 1);
}, function() {
    $(this).closest('img').css('opacity', 0.7);

This does not work. It does only work if you hover the actual image not the p element.

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Can you give the img an ID and target that element by ID in the event handlers? – Rick Viscomi May 1 '13 at 17:28
Why don't you just bind the hover event to ul tag? – Doan Cuong May 1 '13 at 17:30
Your markup is invalid. A <p> can't be a child of <ul> – squint May 1 '13 at 17:36

CSS only solution:

#article-menu li > img {
    opacity: .7;

#article-menu p:hover + li > img, 
#article-menu li > img:hover {
    opacity: 1;

...though your markup is invalid. Your p needs to be a li.

DEMO: (I changed the p to an <li class="p">)

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I love your simple, elegant answers, @squint. :) +1 – Troy Alford May 1 '13 at 19:25

you can do it like -

   $(this).find('img').css('opacity', 1);
}, function(){
   $(this).find('img').css('opacity', 0.7);
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you can maybe try with index

$("#article-menu img, #article-menu p").hover(function(){
    var index = $(this).index();
    var indexUp -= index;
    var indexDown += index;
    $("#article-menu img:eq("+indexUp+")").css('opacity', 1);
    $("#article-menu img:eq("+indexDown+")").css('opacity', 1);
}, function(){
    var index = $(this).index();
    var indexUp -= index;
    var indexDown += index;
    $("#article-menu img:eq("+indexUp+")").css('opacity', 0.7);
    $("#article-menu img:eq("+indexDown+")").css('opacity', 0.7);
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It´s easy and only css:

Give the element a class,

.image:hover{moz-opacity: 0,7;}

Should work how you want it...didn´t test this, but this should be the way without jquery

edit: was to slow: See squint´s post-It´s much better than mine

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