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One of my subflows need extra information from a service provider page, I will redirect the user to that page to insert his information and then return back to the same place he was in the flow.

The view-state takes the user to an externalRedirect, and this page will then do a callback to a static URL I give them, so how I can continue the flow from there?

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You have all information you need to continue in your flowRequestContext. You can restore the last state (snapshot and execution)

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An example would be useful. Maybe if I thought about it further, it would be apparent, but I'm wishing for specifics. You'd have the static URL be the flow/subflow URL and have the start state detect something to skip to current? Or maybe it's another approach I'm not envisioning? I'm intrigued. –  dbreaux May 10 '13 at 4:06

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