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I'm having trouble deploying my Rails app using a custom domain and while I've already spent a couple days looking through Stack Overflow and all the Heroku/Zerigo articles, I've exhausted my options and would be grateful if someone could point me in the right direction.

When I navigate to my custom domain, http://www.mydomain.com/, the browser automatically redirects to https and generates a security warning. I don't necessarily need SSL, but it seems to be activated by default. I would like to either revert to HTTP, or enable HTTPS for free.

I have already set config.force_ssl = false in my config/environments/production file. I've also configured the Zerigo add-on, with:
- Nameservers at GoDaddy (where I purchased the domain) set to a.ns.zerigo.net, b.ns.zerigo.net, c.ns.zerigo.net, d.ns.zerigo.net, e.ns.zerigo.net
- CNAME at Zerigo set from www.mydomain.com to myapp.herokuapp.com
- Redirect at Zerigo from mydomain.com to http://www.mydomain.com/

Is the browser warning generated because of an incorrect DNS configuration? Any help is greatly appreciated!

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It's not the browser that's redirecting, some piece of infrastructure along the way issues it, and you need to figure out which. Have you tried accessing you site in Firefox, with FireBug and inspecting the network tab to see where the redirect is coming from?

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Thanks for the help - I was able to fix the issue using your suggestion. Firefox had no issue accessing the domain, but strangely Chrome was navigating to https. 'Inspect element' showed a '301 - Moved Permanently' status relating to the cache. Clearing the Chrome cache resolved the issue immediately. Thanks again! –  Alex Yang May 2 '13 at 0:39

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