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i am using emacs 24.3 under windows, ipython 0.13.1, python 2.7.3 i use the python.el with emacs withe the following configure the ipython shell

;; setup ipython for default interpreter
(setq python-shell-interpreter "C:/Python27/python")
(setq python-shell-interpreter-args "-i C:/Python27/Scripts/ --pylab")
(setq python-shell-prompt-regexp "In \\[[0-9]+\\]: ")
(setq python-shell-prompt-output-regexp "Out\\[[0-9]+\\]: ")
(setq python-shell-completion-setup-code "from IPython.core.completerlib import module_completion")
(setq python-shell-completion-module-string-code "';'.join(module_completion('''%s'''))\n")
(setq python-shell-completion-string-code "';'.join(get_ipython().Completer.all_completions('''%s'''))\n")

it works pretty well, except just no figure output...enter image description here does anyone experience the same here? solution?

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the real solution is modify

(setq python-shell-interpreter-args "-i C:/Python27/Scripts/ --pylab")


(setq python-shell-interpreter-args "-i C:/Python27/Scripts/ console --pylab")
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It looks like you are using Qt4Agg backend (see the welcome to message). That means you should see a window showing the plot. If not, I suggest you to write a script and execute it outside of Emacs and IPython to localize the problem.

If you want to see plots in Emacs, you can do it with my plugin called EIN.

screen shot

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i do see a figure window popup, but then it freezes without any real plot. – shelper May 23 '13 at 14:45


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thanks but not working – shelper Jun 15 '13 at 15:54

you have to add

(setq python-shell-interpreter-args "-i C:/Python27/Scripts/ --pylab=inline")
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