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for a user creation scrip in powershell i'm using textbox object to fill the information of the new user (family name, first name)

I return a value like that:

$TextlabelUsername.text = $Textbox1.text.ToString().Substring(0,5) 

Which apply on a button click.

But using that methode if one of my string value is less then 5 caracters the script return an error that the string is not enough long.

Is there a way to select 5 or less caracters or an other method to process ?

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Try this:

$str = $Textbox1.text.ToString()
$TextlabelUsername.text = $str.Substring(0, [math]::Min(5, $str.Length))
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I wish I could be such smart with programming thanks for the hand on this. – lotirthos227 May 2 '13 at 13:24

There is nothing wrong with Ansgar Wiecher's method. Here is an alternative though:

$TextLabelUserName.Text = $Textbox1.Text.ToString() -replace '(.{0,5}).*', '$1'
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