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Is there a proper syntax in Ruby for comparing multiple values against the same variable? For example:

#!/usr/bin/ruby -w

y = 15
p 'success' if y == 1 || y == 5 || y == -2 || y == 15132 || y == 3.14159265  || y == 15

Can that be written as something along the lines of:

y = 15
p 'success' if y == 1,5,-2,15132,3.14159265,15

And, if so, would that also apply to while loops?

y = 15
while y != 1,5,-2,15132,3.14159265,15
y = rand(50)
p y

Based on my search I'm tending to believe this is either not possible, or it's too obscure for my searches.

I hope it's the second case.

I have already considered an array itteration solution, but it's not as pretty or simple as I'd like.

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The exact same expression rules apply to if and while. Also, be careful when comparing with floating point numbers - it generally will not yield expected results if either number is the result of a calculation. –  user2246674 May 1 '13 at 19:50

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You're looking for include?

p 'success' if [1,5,-2,15132,3.14159265,15].include? y
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yes, that is exactly what i was looking for, thank you –  elder south May 1 '13 at 19:47
!([..].include? y) –  Jean-Bernard Pellerin May 1 '13 at 19:58
p 'success' if [1, 5, -2, 15132, 3.14159265, 15].include? y
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case y
when 1, 5, -2, 15132, 3.14159265, 15 then p "success"
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How is my one? please check :) –  Arup Rakshit May 1 '13 at 20:16

For a more general case you can use the any? method with a comparison block; this has the advantage of being usable with operators apart from ==:

p 'success' if [1, 5, -2, 15132, 3.14159265, 15].any? { |i| i == y }
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From the Array#index :

Returns the index of the first object in ary such that the object is == to obj.Returns nil if no match is found.

p 'success' if [1,5,-2,15132,3.14159265,15].index(y)
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