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I have 2 tables. I need to pick some ids from table one and based one condition and insert into table 2. The second column again must come from tableA but based on a different condition

Table A

NC 1
NC 2
SC 3
SC 4

Table B

   1 100
    1 200
    2 100
    2 200

I want to insert rows to table B so it would look like this....

1 100
1 200
2 100
2 200
3 100
3 200
4 100
4 200

I am picking 3 and 4 from table A based on the state condtion = 'SC'and now I want to know how to pick the values of 100 and 200 which NC has...

Sorry if I havent worded it correctly

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Your logic is not clear. How do you associate 100 with 3 and 200 with 4? What happens if there are more or less than two rows? – Gordon Linoff May 1 '13 at 19:56
Sorry... my question is incorrect. – user1410867 May 1 '13 at 20:03
I have corrected my question – user1410867 May 1 '13 at 20:09
It's still not clear what you want to achieve. It seems more a problem in your business logic than a technical problem. – fbiagi May 1 '13 at 20:24
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-- sample data
create table tbla (code char(2), id int);
insert into tbla values ('NC', 1);
insert into tbla values ('NC', 2);
insert into tbla values ('SC', 3);
insert into tbla values ('SC', 4);

create table tblb (id int, value int);
insert into tblb values (1, 100);
insert into tblb values (1, 200);
insert into tblb values (2, 100);
insert into tblb values (2, 200);

-- your query to INSERT the new rows into tblb
insert into tblb
select, y.value
    select distinct
    from tbla a
    where a.code = 'SC'
) x
cross join
    select distinct b.value
    from tbla a
    join tblb b on =
    where a.code = 'NC' 
) y
left join tblb b on = and b.value = y.value
where is null;
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You can do it by a query like :

Select, b.value
from "Table A" a
join "Table B" b
 on --This condition pick the two first rows on table B.
where a.condtion = 'SC'

This is not a elegant solution, but it work.

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