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When using capybara-webkit I have come across the issue of selenium not having an error_messages method, although, the documentation for capybara-webkit says that I should be able to access it through page.driver.error_messages once my flag on the scenerio is set with :js => true. However, trying to access it, it throws:

       undefined method `error_messages' for #<Capybara::Selenium::Driver:0xc501fc0>

and I have tried to access the messages using:

page.should_not have page.driver.error_messages

I have also tried:

page.should_not :have_errors

as well as:

page.should_not have_errors

but with not avail.

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My understanding is that error_messages is a method included in the capybara-webkit driver. It is not available for the selenium-webdriver driver.

Based on the exception you are getting, you are using the selenium-webdriver. By default, Capybara uses selenium-webdriver when :js => true is specified.

You likely want to change your javascript_driver to use :webkit (as mentioned in the usage documentation - https://github.com/thoughtbot/capybara-webkit).

Capybara.javascript_driver = :webkit
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