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I have an app I am developing and the entire theme is custom totally separate from whatever theme the user has chosen on their device. Is there a way to prevent Windows Phone from recoloring the application bar icons. I am using a custom color here for the background color and the black looks quite bad.

I know this is possible cause the Twitter app for Windows Phone does it. Any hints would be appreciated. Thanks


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read this answer (dont forget about comments) stackoverflow.com/a/10196397/1616443 –  jimpanzer May 2 '13 at 6:12
You tell wp "Hey! stop doing that!" ... and it will stop –  jay_t55 Jun 10 '13 at 10:43

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Big thanks to jimpanzer for pointing this out.

Ensures the icon is ALWAYS colored white regardless of the user's theme settings.

Very nice

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The following XAML shows how to set the foreground and background colour and opacity of the application bar.

    <shell:ApplicationBar IsVisible="True" IsMenuEnabled="True" Opacity="0.75" ForegroundColor="Green" BackgroundColor="Cyan">
    <shell:ApplicationBarIconButton IconUri="/Images/appbar_button1.png" Text="Button 1"/>
    <shell:ApplicationBarIconButton IconUri="/Images/appbar_button2.png" Text="Button 2"/>
        <shell:ApplicationBarMenuItem Text="MenuItem 1"/>
        <shell:ApplicationBarMenuItem Text="MenuItem 2"/>

Same for C#

ApplicationBar = new ApplicationBar();
    //Now set the AppBar properties :
ApplicationBar.Opacity = 0.75;
ApplicationBar.BackgroundColor = Color.FromArgb(120, 0,190,190);
ApplicationBar.ForeGroundColor = Color.FromArgb(120, 0,140, 43);
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