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I get an error when I refresh a page displayed during a conversation. How to avoid this error?

The situation:

I have 2 JSF pages, index.xhtml and age.xhtml.

index.xhtml contains a form where the user enter a birthdate (a property of the backing bean "bean"). When the user submits the form, age.xhtml displays the age according to the birthdate.

The form is submitted with a redirection:

<h:commandButton value="Submit" action="#{bean.computeAge()}" />

computeAge method:

return "age?faces-redirect=true";

The same backing bean "bean" is used by both pages. This backing bean has a conversation scope.

Page age.xhtml:

Your age: #{bean.age} years

getAge method:

if (!conversation.isTransient()) {
return ejb.computeAge(birthdate);

All is OK, except when I refresh age.xhtml. Then I receive this error message: WELD-000321 No conversation found to restore for id 3

The URL displayed by the browser before and after the refresh: http://localhost:8080/tpjsf1/faces/age.xhtml?cid=3

The problem comes from cid=3 at the end. Is it possible to avoid the error page when the user refreshes age.xhtml?

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