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execute <<-SQL
  reindex database ActiveRecord::Base.configurations[Rails.env]['database'] 

Obviously that doesn't work but you get the idea. I don't know what the above code structure is even called to go look it up.

Postgres doesn't allow a db reindex inside a transaction, so I'm hoping the above hack will work since there doesn't appear to be a way to disable transactions until Rails 4


So the above didn't work, but this hack did:

# force a reindex after we switched all those columns to citext
execute "commit;"
execute "reindex database #{ActiveRecord::Base.configurations[Rails.env]['database']} force;"
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The <<-SQL ... SQL part creates a multi-line string, which is the argument for the execute function. You can include ruby expressiosn in that string, as in the usual "value #{myObject.value}" strings. This would make:

execute <<-SQL
  reindex database #{ActiveRecord::Base.configurations[Rails.env]['database']}

I can't tell you if that SQL hack works or not. But it seems like you are closing a running transaction, which is later closed again (by the code, that originally started the transaction). Plus there might be a reason for that transaction. I mean, if rails tries to roll back your transaction later, it will fail (or at least not work), as you've already committed the transaction.

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Thanks a lot Philipp. It's definitely a hack, just trying to get over a hump until Rails 4 hits. They have a call in there called disable_ddl_transaction! that lets you do what I'm trying to do above. –  AKWF May 2 '13 at 14:06

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