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I'm using a "while" loop within a shell script (BASH) to read line of a file (one by one) -- "Fortunately", its not working the No. of times the file has lines in it.

Here's the summary: $ cat inputfile.txt


Now, the shell script content is pretty simple as shown below:


while read line 
 echo $line ----------; 
done < inputfile.txt;

The above script code works just fine..... :). It shows all the 5 lines from inputfile.txt.

Now, I have another script whose code is like:


while read line 
 echo $line ----------;

 somevariable="$(ssh sshuser@sshserver "hostname")";
 echo $somevariable;

done < inputfile.txt;

Now, in this script, while loop just shows only line "1 ---------" and exits out from the loop after showing valid value for "$somevariable"

Any idea, what I'm missing here. I didn't try using some number N < inputfile.txt and using done <&N way (i.e. to change the input redirector by using a file pointed by N descriptor) .... but I'm curious why this simple script is not working for N no. of times, when I just added a simple variable declaration which is doing a "ssh" operation in a child shell.


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Could it be that your return value $somevariable contains an EOF type marker (^D)? –  Floris May 1 '13 at 23:41

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You might want to add the -n option to the ssh command. This would prevent it to "swallow" your inputfile.txt as its standard input.

Alternatively, you might just redirect ssh stdin from /dev/null, eg:

somevariable="$(ssh sshuser@sshserver "hostname" </dev/null)";
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that seems likely. Your ssh session is sharing stdin with the while loop. Note that a bash loop that is redirected like this becomes a new process with its own stdin/stdout etc streams - so that you can then redirect them. –  rivimey May 2 '13 at 0:27
@rivimey: it doesn't become a new process. The while loop is executed by the same shell. –  jlliagre May 2 '13 at 6:04
Thanks you Jlliagre. It worked. Good to know. –  Arun Sangal May 2 '13 at 14:32

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