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I recently configured eclipse CDT for C++ development. I can build projects and no errors show up in the project. When i try to run the project i get an error that states: lunch failed No binaries found. This is the basic hello word c++ project that I created using the eclipse option File>New>C++ Project> Executable > Hello world C++ Project.

I tried following this solution. It had no effect.

I tried cleaning the project and building the project multiple times.

I set up CDT with juno on my other computer with no problems.

I had previous problems configuring eclipse which i dont think are related but details can be found here.

So the exe file is in the debug folder but for some reason eclipse refuses to run it. Its like it does not see the exe file. Any suggestions?

Update I have looked at the other projects that execute successfully and noticed that there is a binaries folder in them that does not exist in the projects that dont work. (even in the projects that dont work i can lunch the exe file manually by going to the debug folder which contains the exe file after build) This means that for some reason eclipse is not creating the binaries folder with the exe file. I tried creating the folder manually and placing the exe file in it but the folder has a special look when eclipse creates it and it doesnt work when you just create the folder manually. The folder just seem to contain the same file as the debug folder. This is really frustrating

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just to clarify. The .exe file appears under the debug folder in the eclipse. On top of that i can actually go to the folder and double click the file and it works. dafuq eclipse. –  Xitcod13 May 2 '13 at 0:32

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Do you see the file under "binaries" virtual folder in your Project Explorer?

It looks like you "binary parser" is not picking the executable. Do you use CDT-generated makefile or the one you wrote yourself? Also check if "PE Windows Parser" and/or "Cygwin PE Parser" are selected when you open project properties, navigate to "C/C++ Build"/Settings page and "Binary Parsers" tab.

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It seems that i had to change the toolChainEditor under Project>properties>C/C++ Build>Toolchain editor. Then had to change it to Cygwin GCC –  Xitcod13 May 10 '13 at 8:33

I just had the same error, and here is what I did:

Proper binary parser must be selected so Eclipse can recognize the executable: Select the project, then right click.

Project->Properties->C/C++ Build->Settings->Binary Parsers, PE Windows Parser (or you can select Cygwin if you use that compiler).

That worked for me at least for Cross compiler.

In Linux I use Elf parser.

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