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I'm running out of memory on an android emulator. I attempt to find the source of the problem.

Here's my heap data.

enter image description here

What's concerning if i'm reading it right is that I have 3.1 MB free but the largest chunk available is only 179.336 KB?

I could use some direction in identifying the source of the problem. Here's the histogram from MAT sorted by shallow heap. Which one's should I look for because the largest shallow heap isn't necessarily the largest retained heap?

enter image description here

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I suggest you look at the video in the link


The guy shows how to use Mat Analyzer to find memory leak and fix the same with an example

The blog in the link below is written by the same guy in the video


Here's another tutorial for the same


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To find the largest retain heap of an object, you will want to right click on an object, and check the "path to GC roots excluding weak references"

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