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I have found a directory while connecting to a linux ssh shell and i putty the name is ??? (I assume it to be so because of escape characters used for the name).

When I use the command ls -b I get 3 results, \t\t\t\ A_File.txt A_Directory but with a simple ls, all I get is A_File.txt A_Directory

Upon further research I have discovered the characters escapes to be Octal Escape Characters and when i type cd [tab][tab][tab] ([tab] = pressing tab) I get a new listing of files, ^I^I^I / A_Directory

How would you view the escaped character directory in this type of situation?

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You need a literal tab. With Bash you could use

cd $'\t\t\t'


printf -v tab '\t'
cd "$tab$tab$tab"
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there was an escape character I was missing, \ at the end of \t\t\t so the real directory is \t\t\t\ is \s for spaces? (it isn't) Thanks! it worked, all I had to do was add a space on the end –  Duck May 2 '13 at 2:18
how would I achieve the same result in filezilla? do you by chance know? –  Duck May 2 '13 at 2:24

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