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I created an empty project in android. Then I ran it with an emulator that has hardware acceleration. enter image description here

50% is already allocated. and of those the smallest free chunk of memory is a measly 174 KB.

Why is this?

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Good question, perhaps it's 1) for the java virtual machine 2) for the android firmware/software/etc that always has to be run? But I am interested in seeing the answers –  Patashu May 2 '13 at 2:25

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Because the VM hasnt allocated more. If your memory footprint grows so will your heap size. If I remember correctly hardware acceleration also pulls some part of the renderer into your process which is why as much as 2.5 MB is already used.

By rendering all of an app’s animations and UI with the GPU, the system takes a hit to memory usage. Loading up the OpenGL drivers for each process takes memory usage of roughly 2MB,


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