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I have a string:


I want to replace the string domain.com in the right side for result:


When using Perl string replace pattern

myString = "test1.domain.com.test1.domain.com";
replacedString = "domain.com";
resultString = null;
Perl5Util perl=new Perl5Util();
resultString =perl.substitute("s/." + replacedString + "//o",myString );

However, Perl replaces the string "domain.com" from left to right with the result


Is there any way to change the behaviour?

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Match the end of the string with $.

perl.substitute("s/." + replacedString + "$//o",myString );

You should probably escape that . as well, since . matches any character. You might need two backslashes (\\.) otherwise the java string will treat it as a special character. If you don't want to escape the . you use the character selection syntax [.].

perl.substitute("s/\\." + replacedString + "$//o",myString );
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many thank :) the problem is solved –  Tuan May 2 '13 at 3:20

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