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I am new to git. I just did git init to initialize my folder as git repo and then added a remote repository using git remote add origin url. Now I want to remove this git remote add origin and add a new repository git remote add origin new-url. How can I do it?

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Instead of removing and re-adding, you can do this:

git remote set-url origin git://new.url.here

See this question: Change the URI (URL) for a remote Git repository

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That was refreshingly simple and pain-free. –  Cerin Jul 7 at 20:09

If you insist on deleting it:

git remote remove origin

Or if you have Git version 1.7.10 or older

git remote rm origin

But kahowell's answer is better.

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I don't have enough reputation to comment answer of @user1615903, so add this as answer: "git remote remove" does not exist, should use "rm" instead of "remove". So the correct way is:

git remote rm origin
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remove was added in 1.7.12. I have updated my answer. –  user1615903 Feb 8 at 10:08

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