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I have a two Strings. One String contain date like this yyyymmdd and other string contain time like this hhmmssff. And i need to join the both string into one string in the format of Tue Jul 03 14:54:24 IDT 2012



String One = 20130430; String Two = 03153020;


Tue Apr 30 03:15:30:20 IDT 2013;

How can I get this output in java?

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Use DateFormat. –  Andrew Thompson May 2 '13 at 5:23

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I won't give you a Potted answer for this, but you could follow the below procedure to achieve what you want.

You could concatenate both the Strings, use a SimpleDateFormat to parse that concatenated String, which would give a Date object. Printing the Date object will give the output in the format you need, but if you need a String representation of that, you need to use another SDF, to format that Date object as per your requirements.

P.S: The link of SDF provided also has the list of pattern letters to be used. Pick the ones you require in your case.

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Give your example:

public static void main(String[] args) throws ParseException {
    String One = "20130430"; String Two = "03153020";
    SimpleDateFormat sdf = new SimpleDateFormat("yyyyMMddhhmmssSS");
    System.out.println( sdf.parse(One+Two));
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